Sunday, April 27, 2008

A special kind of Bliss block party.

What a Bliss party type day. I didn’t really have what it takes to do the regular party thing; mostly I didn’t have any friends that said they could show up. So instead I decided to turn my Bliss Party (the folks at Hershey’s gave me all the party favours I needed) into a Bliss block party.
I decided to knock on doors in my neighbourhood with bags full of party fun things.
I’d awkwardly explain what I was doing. People looked at me funny. They saw the free chocolate and loot in the bag and would generally smile.

It was fun going around with bags of treats. Everybody was down with the idea.

One neighbour wasn’t home. But I wasn’t going to let a simple lock keep me away from making their day.

I sure hope they enjoy the surprise sitting in their dinning room.


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