Wednesday, September 19, 2018

We've Got A New Episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! - Lemon Pepper Tang

Over the last few years I've started to collect flavours of Tang, this one was one of the weirder ones and well worth mentioning.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We've Finally Posted Our Monrning Thoughts

This episode of Chris's Monday Morning Breakfast Thoughts is late, a whole day late. It was one of those things that just proved to be more challenging than we expected. But it's a great episode and we promise we'll try harder next time.

Also make sure to keep up with our gummy review-a-thon this week. Our latest post is one of the great mergers in the candy world, unfortunately it didn't really work out.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

We're Starting Our Gummy Review-A-Thon On Time, But Our Monday Morning Breakfast Thought Will Be Late

We've decided this week would be the perfect week to have a review-a-thon, and one of our favourite review-a-thons to do is gummy review-a-thons. There are just so many gummies to choose from so it makes review-a-thons so great. We've decided to start with a gummy that has the potential to be really strange, but likely isn't.

Click here to read about this potentially strange candy review.

Due to technical issues that we don't really want to explain (you can ask and we'll tell, but it will depress us), this week's Monday Morning Breakfast Thought will have to be a Tuesday Morning Breakfast Thought instead. We were thinking of canceling it, but frankly we have a breakfast treat we're really excited about trying. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the new episode (or follow us on YouTube to get a notice when it's posted).

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Candy In The Media - Squishing Things

I found this to be a lot more interesting that I thought I would. I was holding out to see the cola and Mentos getting crushed together in the press, but strangely it was the most disappointing.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Chris Drinks A Coffee Coke

Rather than just taste test this new Coffee Coca-Cola, Chris decides to see if this drink has any harmful effects on him. After chugging the whole can, Chris tries to site still for 10 whole minutes. Needless to say things start to get shaky after the first 5.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

It's Time For Another Monday Morning Breakfast Thought, And A New Candy Review - Puccho Juicy "Assorted Fruit Flavors"

Today's new candy review should be celebrating fruit, but there's a problem. It celebrates fruit in general, and not any particular fruit. This is a bit of a peeve I've recently discovered, fruit flavours that don't really have any kind of specificity to them. It's not that I don't like fruit flavours that don't taste like the  fruit it's supposed to represent either, I love fake raspberry and cherry, the problem I have is when they don't commit at all.

Click here to find out how this week's new candy review rubbed me the wrong way.

This week on Chris's Monday Morning Breakfast Thoughts, I feel like we have to change it to Chris's Monday Morning Dealing With A Bad Meal From The Weekend Thoughts. Unfortunately I didn't get to have the breakfast I was hoping this morning, so instead I had to find something to sooth my sore tummy.

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Friday, September 07, 2018

Candy In The Media - Apparently Waffles Was A Thing

I must have missed this when it originally came out, but frankly I can't see how. It's entertaining and I pretty much agree completely with the sentiment of the song.


Tuesday, September 04, 2018

It's A New Epsidoe Of Chris's Monday Morning Breakfast Thoughts, Published On A Tuesday

We didn't post a new episode yesterday because of the holiday, but that doesn't mean we're just  going to skip it. We even gave it a new title. This week Chris talks about food and politics and pumpkin spice stuff.

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Monday, September 03, 2018

It's Labor Day, But We Still Posted A New Candy Review - Necco Wafers

This new review is a classic, but according to the news (candy news) it's not going to be around for very long. It appears that after hundreds of years this classic candy might be going away. There are people all over the internet trying to get their hands on one last taste of Necco wafers. Some might save them for posterity, others might want to ceremoniously eat one last bite. We just wanted to make sure we had the review covered in our collection.

Click here to read the review that might be impossible to find.

We don't have a new episode of Chris's Monday Morning Breakfast Thoughts because it's labor day and that means we're taking the day off. We will however have a special video tomorrow that we're cleverly calling Chris's Tuesday Morning Breakfast Thoughts.

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