Monday, January 31, 2011

New Nutri-grain Bars... Toasted?

The other day at the grocery store, Allison and I cam across a new variety of Nutri-Grain bars, chocolate.  Now the very idea of adding chocolate to anything is a guaranteed improvement, but Allison came up with a plan that might make these even better.
The idea was simple, would the chocolate Nutri-Grain bar taste even better toasted?  The first challenge we had was trying to figure out how to toast them up.  Unfortunately for us, all we have is a standard two slice toaster (we have an oven, but that seemed like way too much work).  So Allison carefully placed our bars into the toaster and our second problem arose.
How long does one toast a Nutri-Grain bar?  We figured that a couple of minutes would do, we also figured this would be something we would keep a close eye on.  I can only imagine that a burnt Nutri-Grain bar doesn't taste good at all.
Our third problem was one that need a bit of forethought.  We figured that the action of the toaster popping would probably destroy the bar.  We decided that the best way to deal with this was to set the toaster for a very long period, and when we felt it was ready, gently easy them up holding onto the button.
Strangely, the experiment went without a hitch.  They came out just a little toasted and nice and warm.  Best of all we learned a wonderful lesson as well.  As it turns out Nutri-Grain bars toasted, are fantastic.



Anonymous said...

I just tried this....i actually REALLY like it.'s an idea. Add a scoop of ice cream on a warm Nutrigrain bar. Maybe NOT the healthiest.....but i bet it would taste just like pie with ice cream!

Chris Stewart said...

That's a great idea, maybe even a slice of cheddar cheese on a toasted apple Nutrigrain bar might work as well.