Friday, March 25, 2011

A Bounty of Baklava

 This week I got to taste Baklava sent by Donna from DJ's Baklava, and it was a treat! I have to admit I've never been that interested in baklava, flashier treats usually catch my eye before I get to it. However, DJ's Baklava with it's twists on tradition and layers of golden pastry have made me a convert.

Traditional Walnut

I was generously sent six types to try:

Traditional Walnut
Almond Toffee
Apple Craisin
Pignoli (pine nuts)
Peanut Chocolate Chunk

The first thing I noticed was baklava is incredibly sweet! If you have a sweet tooth, this might be just the thing. Traditionally it's made with honey, and the traditional walnut piece had the most noticeable floral honey notes to it.
Apple Craisn doesn't have nuts, but they're not missed from this combination.

My personal favourite was the Pignoli. It was bursting with toasted pinenuts, a flavour that is earthy, and warm. It was complimented nicely by the sweetness, and with a cup of tea it was the perfect way to relax and re-energize mid-afternoon.

Pignoli - yum!

The Almond Toffee pieces had a gentle cinnamon spice flavour to them, and reminded me of holiday baking. The Peanut Chocolate Chunk is a playful combination, the chocolate is somewhat subtle in the mix of flavours.

According to the website there are 36 layers of organic phyllo pastry, hand brushed with butter and honey syrup. Sounds good to me. It's also clear that Donna uses the best quality of nuts in her baklava. They all tasted fresh and full of flavour.

Peanut Chocolate Chunk

All of these flavours and more can be bought online. I'm curious about Luscious Luau Baklava with coconut, pineapple and macadamia nuts. There are also a few options that don't have nuts, really something to suit everyone.

DJ's Baklava has a website:
and a blog:


Sharyn said...

Never heard of or had Baklava until I had sample from DJ's Baklava over the christmas holiday. It was seriously devine!

Mia said...

Had a baklava tray from DJs for a graduation party - BIG hit! DE-licious!

Montreal Gift Basket said...

Baklava!!! Impressive word and pics looks tasty too. I had chocolava. It was great treat. If I get chance then I'll try Baklava too.

Thanks for sharing