Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff That Smells Like Candy

Jelly Belly has just introduced a series of iPhone and Blackberry cases that apparently smell like Jelly Bellies.  For the most part I don't really like scented accessories only because they all have a certain series of smells that makes my life uncomfortable.  First of all, when you open the package the smell is overwhelming, and if you open it in public everybody will think you just had the most colossal but extremely nice smelling fart.  The next week or so are pretty much the golden times.  Your item will still smell however so will things like your pocket and your backpack.  After a few weeks the smell dies down, and if you're lucky you just have a nice case for your phone.  If you're not lucky the plastic smell starts to creep in and suddenly you're craving the day that everything you owned smelled like blueberries.

What I'm saying is I've had bad experiences with items that smell, I'm not saying these Jelly Belly items will follow this experience, I'm just leery.

Click here to read about the Jelly Belly cases.


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