Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Big Fat Greek Wedding Treats

Recently Allison and I went to a Greek wedding, and what they say about them is so true.  There was lots of food and lots of Greek dancing.  Best of all there was lots of great people too.  At the end of the ceremony we got this great big frilly bundle filled with confetti candy.  Sure I didn't look very manly carrying it, but it's candy, so I don't care.
We also got these great little cupcakes made in a very Greek style.  It had walnuts, filo dough, and lots of syrup.
We also got a little bag of rice, I was going to eat it, but Allison told me to save it and throw it at the bride and groom instead.  I can't turn down a good food fight so I pelted away at the right moment instead.


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