Monday, August 29, 2011

Dill Chips

 After reading my blog post about my love of eating chips while ridding on the train, Allison made sure we were well stocked up before our long train trip from Warsaw to Vilnius (it's about 10 hours long).  Before the trip we picked up a bag of dill flavoured potato chips.  Isn't she awesome!
I've tried many variations of chips that include dill, but never just dill on their own.  Most of the time you either find they have some kind of cream flavour or they're mimicking dill pickles, but these where just simple salt and dill, and they were fantastic.  I'm thinking the only thing that might improve on these is to use fresh dill instead of dried stuff.  That would give it a fresh taste that would balance really well with the salt and oil.  I think I have an experiment to try.


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