Friday, August 12, 2011

Instructions For My Cookie

I always thought I knew just about every trick to eating cookies... but I was wrong.  I recently picked up a wafer cookie with caramel in the middle (I intended it for a review but no longer).  On the back of the cookie was a set of instructions on how to best eat this cookie.
The package suggested putting the cookie on top of your warm coffee (or tea) to heat up the caramel and make it soft.
I decided to follow the instructions and I was pleasantly surprised and disappointed at the same time.  The caramel did exactly what they said would happen, however the cookie on the bottom also got a little soggy with the condensation from the tea.  It was an improvement though, and I plan on trying this out with more cookies in the future.  Can you imagine a chocolate chip cookie heated up on your tea so the chips melt just a little.


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