Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jelly Belly Store

While wandering through a mall in Warsaw, I came across this Jelly Belly kiosk.  I've never seen an entire kiosk, or store for that matter, dedicated to just selling Jelly Bellies.  Is this a one off thing, or are there any more of these around?  Either way I think it's a great idea, and the selection is fantastic.



Tomi said...

Gosh, you had to go all that way to see a cool Jelly Belly display! This one is custom but there are many many around the world that are dedicated all things Jelly Belly. And of course the most spectacular is here at Jelly Belly headquarters in California. Why not plan a visit to San Francisco Bay Area and we'll give you the VIP tour?
Tomi Holt
Director of Communications

Chris Stewart said...

I have the time, I have the want, but I do not have the means to make my way to San Francisco in the near future and visit your awesome Jelly Belly store for a VIP tour. I would however be willing to exchange many Candy Critic opportunities in exchange for said means. How about free advertising on the front page of Candy Critic for a year? Or how about I review every single flavour of Jelly Belly for as many days as it takes to get through them all?