Monday, August 08, 2011

Kinder Joy, A Photo Journal

I was looking around my local grocery store when I came across this Kinder egg that I didn't recognize.  My first guess was that it was a new package for the standard Kinder Egg treat, but I was very wrong.  I decided to photograph my discovery and document it as a photo journal rather than simply reviewing it.  I decided this because frankly this treat is a lot more gimmick than candy if you ask me.
The first thing that baffled me about this treat was the strange tabs.  Remember I was expecting this to be some kind of strange Kinder Egg package.
I eventually pulled pretty hard, and I was shocked when the egg split into two.  At this point I was also pretty sure that I didn't have a regular Kinder Egg on my hands.
I decided to start with the half of the egg with the question marks and the strange paddle.  I removed the paddle and opened up the mystery side.
Inside I got a fairly strange prize.  It appears to be a statue of a chicken.  I haven't been keeping up with my kids movies lately, so I'm assuming a 10 year old kid could probably give me a good explanation.
Next I decided to explore the side marked with the "Kinder" logo.  I peeled back the foil and was pretty much grossed out at the site of two brown balls floating in some kind of white cream.
I assume that the paddle is designed to dig these gross looking balls out of the cream.
I dug away and discovered that there's some kind of brown cream at the bottom too.
Although the treat was strange, and looked really un-appetizing, it actually tasted OK.  I'm not sure the point of these treats, but I'm guessing that maybe it's some kind of alternative to the eggs in places with really hot weather?


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