Friday, August 26, 2011

Polish Cheese Cakes

One of the suggestions people had for us when we told them we where visiting Poland was that we should make sure to have a slice of cheese cake.  Seeing as Allison and I love cheese cake, it instantly became a priority.
We tried several cheese cakes in many different restaurants and cafes, but each one really didn't impress us at all.  We soon realized that Polish cheese cake really wasn't our thing.
The problem we found is that the cheese part of the cheese cake was really gelatinous, and very often over flavoured with citrus.  Now don't get me wrong, I like a little citrus in my cheese cake, it adds a nice zing.  The think about all of the cakes we ate in Poland is they had an orange or lemon flavour, instead of just a bit of a tart aftertaste.  They where all really spongy as well, and me, I like a nice heavy cheese cake that weights you down a little.  Did we just happen to visit several restaurants with lousy cheesecakes, or is this the way they do it in Poland?


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