Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wawel Store in Krakow

Wawel (I believe it's pronounced va-vel) is a brand of chocolate bars in Poland.  Yes, I know, I posted last week about a brand called Wedel, but they're two different companies.  However both of them make chocolate bars that are available all over Poland, and both of them like to dress up their stores to look like old fashion candy shops.  That is kind of confusing, isn't it.
Although the two concepts are confusingly similar, the chocolate selection is a little different.  Wedel tends to focus on fine chocolate and in particular chocolate bars.  Wawel seems to be a little more divers and they sell more than just chocolate.
Even with their chocolates Wawel tends to have more size and shape variety than Wedel.
It's kind of nice to see competition in the candy world, although I'm not sure which is my favorite.  I like Wedel for the purity of their chocolate, but I find that Wawel is a little more fun.  I guess the good news I can have a little of both if I want.


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laura said...

I have a sweet tooth, so I happily buy chocolate here. It all started from the days I used to rush to my Polish classes at Prolog: I needed energy to be a good student, and chocolate is the best thing to give me energy. And it's such a nice store. You can find here a variety of great gifts for chocolate lovers. Me and my friends love Kasztanki :)