Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why I Don't Tend To Review Store Brands

In just about every grocery store you walk into, all over the world, you'll come across store brand candy treats.  These are the treats that pretty much copy name brands, but often sell for a lot less.  Take for example this Carrefour version of a Snickers bar.
The quality of these treats can really range from way below it's copy cat namesake, to actually exceeding it.  The problem I have in reviewing these is the lack of creativity.  I like to review treats because they're different and creative, and I just find that these copies lack any of that.
I think if I was to write a review of any of these treats I would find myself using the original treat that it's copying as a reference so often, the review would be really dull to read.  I think it would basically turn into a comparison over a review.


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