Wednesday, September 07, 2011

International Chocolate Bar Challenge - Kit Kat Edition

For years I've had the impression that chocolate bars in Europe are better than Canada, and Canadian chocolate bars are better than American.  I've always said this, but I've never actually tested it.  I've tasted the same bars from these three different regions, but never at the same time.  Well that's all changed, now I've collected chocolate bars from the US, Canada, and Europe, and I'm going to do a blind taste test each week.  When I taste these bars I won't have any idea which bar is from which place.
This week I'm looking at my favorite bar of all times, the Kit Kat.  Bar one is the Canadian bar, bar two is the European Bar, and bar three is the American Bar.
As with the Twix last week, all three of these bars where completely different, a big surprise.  Bar one (CAN), which I thought was American, didn't seem very chocolaty, but it got better near the end.  I thought it was all fairly tasty but maybe a little small.  Bar two (EU) was the only bar I guessed correctly as European.  The chocolate was a little creamier in texture than the first bar, with a very milky flavour.  The waffle was very similar to the first and this one proved to be my favorite.  Bar three (US) was the strangest of the two, although I thought it might be the Canadian bar.  I thought this because it reminded me of rosebuds chocolates that I used to eat as a kid.  The chocolate was really strange, and not as milky as bar two.
This is another great example of the difference between bars made in different places.  The colour of the chocolate in each case is completely different.  The size of the bars is also completely different.  I also noticed that the Canadian and the European appeared to have chocolate in between the wafers, however the American bar did not.  It's really astounding how different these treats are all over the world.


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