Thursday, September 01, 2011

Other Polish Food

On my trip to Poland I came across so many great foods, not just candy and pierogies.  So here's a quick recap of some of the non-candy food that I thought deserved a little mention:
 At a Ukranian restaurant I ordered what might be the best crepes I've ever eaten in my whole life.  They where stuffed with strawberry and vanilla ice cream and covered in whipped cream and caramel.  Although this concept isn't new, the quality of the cream products was fantastic.  The strawberry ice cream was one of the best I've ever eaten in my life.  The whipped cream was so light to the touch, but so rich and tasty.
 While enjoying a slice of not so great cheese cake, I picked up this little drink to go with it.  It was a mixed fruit coulee and it was really fun.  It was a little difficult to get all the fruit out, but fortunately I had a spoon.  The best part about this was the lack of sweet.  Instead of filling it with sugar they decided to let the fruit do the talking, and it was really nice and refreshing.
My final note about food in Poland is all about the waffles.  Now I don't want to sound like a stupid tourist, but it was really difficult to get a handle on the types of waffles available, and no one had any prices listed.  It wouldn't be that hard to put up little pictures of the varieties available with their prices below, but no one did.  In fact, no prices of any kind where listed in just about every single shop.  I have a policy about desert places, if I can't see a price, I'm not buying it.


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