Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Old Candy Critic Articles - Lotsa Fizz Statistics

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  This week I'm posting an article I wrote looking at the package to candy ratio of Lotsa Fizz candy.
If you love fizz and lots of it, chances are you like Lotsa Fizz. However, this treat is a little misleading, it has nothing to do with whether or not there's fizz. Or even the word "Lotsa", although they could probably only have a little bit of fizz and get away with it legally since "lotsa" really isn't a word.

The problem I have with this treat is the packaging. Lotsa Fizz comes individually wrapped in three different coloured packages, often packages are connected like a big candy snake: Orange, Red, and Purple. Conveniently, Lotsa Fizz comes in 3 different flavours: Orange, Cherry and Grape. It doesn't take a candy scientist to figure out which candy should go into which package, right? If that's the case, the folks at Arcor (the company who makes Lotsa Fizz) should be looking to recruit some new talent. You see, Lotsa Fizz packages are always mixed up. If someone hands you a Lotsa Fizz in a purple package, you may not be getting a grape candy.

We at Candy Critic want to know exactly what the odds are that we'll get what you want. We want to know this because grape is the greatest flavour of Lotsa Fizz and you want to be sure we get them all. So here comes the math, with some graph goodness.

These statistics are based on a handful of 30 Lotsa Fizzes. Normally in a scientific study, the evidence would be on display someplace important, but we ate all the Lotsa Fizz so you'll just have take our word for it.

Here we have a graph showing how many of each type of candy we got. Very disappointing is the lack of grape candies, since they're our favourites.
That's not to say we shouldn't have expected a lack of grape. As you can see from the graph above, we didn't get that many purple packages in our study group. As you can see we found many more red packages than red candies.
This graph is the real shocker: according to these statistics, the chances are less than 50% that you'll get what you expect when you pick out a Lotsa Fizz.
So what does this teach us about our candy eating habits, or even ourselves? We're not really sure. We're not statisticians by any stretch of the imagination. We did learn how much we hate making graphs and how silly and difficult it is to count Lotsa Fizzes without eating them. If you have any more insight you can share based on our numbers, let us know because all we have at this point is a lot of silly graphs and a really fizzy sensation on our tongues.


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