Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Candy Critic Articles - Something I found in my lunch box

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  This week I'm posting an article about the strangest flavour of pudding I've ever tasted in my whole life.

The only reason I bought this treat is because I found it on sale recently. I don’t think bubble gum and cotton candy pudding is a really good idea. I also don’t think its candy, which is why I’m not writing a regular review, but an article instead.

I think Jell-o had all the good intentions in the world when they came up with this idea Bubble Gum/Cotton Candy flavoured pudding snacks. But I’m just not sure why they would want to use these flavours, of all the flavours available in the candy world, to make pudding snacks. I might as well try it out, I mean what’s the worst that can happen to me?

First the pink:

My guess is that this is the bubble gum flavoured pudding. I wasn’t sure since cotton candy and bubble gum are generally both represented by pink. The texture is great for pudding as expected, although the fact that I don’t have to refrigerate them gives me the willies. The flavour is great for bubble gum, good old regular, although I'm not really sure where bubble gum flavour came from. The texture and flavour together is a little bit on the gross side. The worst part is the fact that gum really isn’t supposed to have a texture like pudding, I'm constantly fighting the urge to try and blow a bubble.

Now the blue:

This particular flavour is a little less gross than the pink. It barely tasted like cotton candy and that could be the reason I don't mind it as much. It taste like a slightly strange vanilla pudding, either that was either the way it's supposed to taste, or maybe this batch had been sitting on the shelf a little too long. The Smurf like colour is a little disturbing but I managed to get around that. In fact I just pretended I was Gargamel and it was kind of fun.



Anjali Katwal said...

Hey!! Can you tell me where you can get these cotton candy jello cups? I would really like to know and I would really appreciate it if you can tell me!!! Thanks!!

Chris Stewart said...

It was a few years back that I got this, but I think I found it in Europe somewhere. I'm not sure if they still make it though.