Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week In Candy

Candy News - I've been coming across a few articles about candy and health lately.  It appears that many scientific articles on the subject seem to contradict each other. That or the results seem fairly obvious, such as large amounts of sugar intake is not healthy for __________ (insert part of the body here).  While I do like the fact that science is interested in this subject, I think someone has to streamline these studies and create a non-biased data base so we the people can be better informed.

What's Happening At Candy Critic -  Speaking of health, all this week I've decided to try the 8 8 water regime.  This means that every day this week I will measure exactly 8 servings of 8 ounces of water every day.  I've always wondered if I drink enough, and this seems like a good standard to go by.

Rant -  I'm thinking of starting a campaign towards candy companies.  I'm troubled when some candy companies start to make claims about the health properties of their candies.  For example, I hate it when gummy manufacturers label their candy as having "no fat".  Sure there's not fat, but there is sugar, and that might be less healthy (depending on the kind of fat we're talking about).  I'm a huge fan of portion control in candy, but I hate the idea of limiting ingredients, or unrealistic claims of healthy content.  Don't worry candy companies, we know you're not health food, you're an indulgence we enjoy (hopefully in good portion sizes), and you make us happy.


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