Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Wednesday Morning, and Here's Another Asian Treat Review

I labeled this review "Salted Plum Flavoured Crunch Sticks", and although that would make a great name for this treat, it's not really what it's called.  As happens every in many review-a-thons from countries where I can't read the writing, I get stuck.  I have no idea what this treat is really called, so I just made up a name.  As much as I'd like to research the names of every treat I can't read, I'm not really sure where to start in this case. All I can do is hope some gracious reader that can read this package will send me the name of it and I'll update the review... Hint, hint.

Click here to read this Salted Plum Flavoured Crunch Sticks review.


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