Friday, September 14, 2012

Sugar Free VS Sugar Filled - Cherry Luden's

"Sugar free" is probably the longest trending health fad in the candy business.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that some people have medical conditions and they have to be very careful about how much sugar they eat.  Since I don't presently have a medical condition that requires me to worry that much, and since I eat sweets in moderation anyways, I tend to seek out the sugar filled versions of treats.
The question is, can there be a time when the Sugar Free version is as good or better than the sugar filled version?  I've decided to start searching for this answer.  I know that many treats make a sugar free version of their candies, so I think it's going to take a bit of experimentation.  I also realize that no candy company, as far as I know, has ever claimed that their sugar free version is as good or better than the original.  For my first taste test, I'm going to try out Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drops.  Since people that don't eat sugar get coughs too, it's nice that they make a sugar free version as well.
Sugar Included:  I actually like cherry cough drops, I enjoy the taste.  I also think that the flavour reminds me of being sick and getting a candy to suck on to make me feel better.  The cherry flavour of these Luden's cough drops is pretty good.  It's not super authentic, like real cherrie, but it's got that classic cherry flavour.  The thing that actually makes it taste less like real cherries is the fact that it's overly sweet, so I wonder if the sugar free version will taste more like real cherries?
Sugar Free:  While these is a distinct difference in the flavour at first, after a little while it really settles into a very similar taste.  If I had to describe the difference, I'd say that the sugar free cough drops don't have as deep a flavour.  It's as if they taste a little lighter than the sugar included cough drops with maybe a little more tang.  On a flavour level they're pretty much on par.  Good job Luden's, you made two treats, a little different, but still tasty.


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