Sunday, September 30, 2012

This Is a "Limited" Review

The review itself isn't limited, I finished the review and I plan on keeping it up forever.  The Lacta "Caramel Cream and Liquid Caramel" is however a "Limited Edition" candy bar.  This happens a lot in the candy world, and it makes me very unhappy.  I find that these limited edition bars fall into two categories, they're either really limited and only available for a short time, or they're a bar that they're not sure about, want to test, and might stay but might not.  In both cases I think the candy company isn't being fair to the candy consumer.  If it's a limited edition and it's going to leave us forever, what do we do if we actually enjoy it?  If the candy company is simply testing the market, why can't they be honest about it instead of lying?

Click here and read the review, before I have to stamp it with a discontinued stamp.


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