Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chocolate Factory Find In Athens

While walking up a street in Athens today, I noticed a really big sign on the front of a building. I noticed it because it happens to be a sign for a very well known chocolate making company here in Athens.  I then noticed that the whole building was in fact covered with this sign and realized that this was a factory where this chocolate is made.  I could tell it was a factory because of the large vats on the left side of the building.
I decided to walk around the factory to see what else I could see.  For the most part the factory was pretty bleak and un-impressive, but then I came to a small pedestrian street along the side of the building.  The first thing I notice was another huge sign, then I noticed that this street must be where the ventilation system ends, because the smell was fantastic.
I decided to walk down this street, so I could enjoy the smell, and I came across two really great machines.  It appears that they've decided to decorate this exquisite smelling street with a few of their old chocolate making machines.  The first one I came across was an old cocoa bean crusher.
The second one appeared to be an old cocoa bean roaster.  The street was fairly sparse, except for these machines, and that's a shame.  I think you could turn this little street into a chocolate museum.  Maybe add a few more machines, and a few interpretative panels explaining the history of chocolate in Greece as well as how chocolate bars are made.  The wonderful smell of the factory would really enhance the whole experience.


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