Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Candy Critic Articles - Trick or Treats Part 2

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  Over the next 3 weeks I'm posting an articles listing some of the many treats you might get this year on Halloween.

It's that time of year again, no not the time to dress up and walk around the neighborhood wearing ghoulish costumes, it's the time of year that candy is available at every store in major bulk. Isle upon isle of candy at every store, and come November 1st half off. If your a kid (or at least can still pass off as one) it's time to head out to the streets and experience all that is Halloween.

Before everybody gets out in their costumed getup and parents buy bags and bags of treats, here are some reviews of some Halloween treats. Kids this will help you decide which house should get multiple visits, and parents, this will help you decide which treats you should avoid giving out (either to avoid a good egging or to enjoy yourself). So as the selfless hero I am I will sample as many Halloween treats as I can, so you know how to trick or treat.

Chocolate Cat

Review:  Waxy that is the best way to describe the chocolate. Funny that would be the best way to describe the cats face.

What are the chances you'll get one:  Madame Fortunas prediction:

"You will receive many chocolate treats some good most bad you must choose wisely."

Chocolate Pumpkins

Review:  This is one of the most versatile holiday treats in the world. You may remember these treats as the Christmas balls you got last year, or Easter balls from the spring. No matter what the holiday, getting these things is inevitable. The advantage is that there great, simple but great. My only peeve has to be the wrapper, some of them are a pain to get off and sometimes wrapper fragments remain. I tell you nothing is like biting on a piece of tin foil.

What are the chances you'll get one:  I have to say that the chances of getting these is pretty good. At least if not furring Halloween another holiday will come. How happy you should be depends on how many you get, if someone gives you one ball, egg them good.

Chocolate Skull

Review:  The best way to look at this candy is it's shape. Seeing as it's made up of pretty simple, cheap chocolate, the shape is the most interesting part. The chocolate is not horrible, it's just not the best. There is probably enough wax in it that you could stick a wick in it and set it ablaze.

What are the chances you'll get one:  You probably will get some of these on your trick or treating experience, and they aren't worth complaining about, but don't rush back for seconds either. If you can try and trade up for something better or fool someone into trading a bunch of Count Blaculas for it than take that opportunity.

Chocolate Witch on a Stick

Review:  I wonder why people put chocolate on a stick. Really it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it happens all the time. Here is an interesting thing I've noticed, most of the time the only chocolate on a stick is cheap chocolate, and this is no exception. It's not that it's particularly bad it's just not high quality. The greatest part was the design engraved in the chocolate, it was a funny witch face, and hey that's what Halloween is all about.

What are the chances you'll get one:  I'm willing to bet you won't get one of these for Halloween, only because I paid 2 bucks for this treat, which means there is little chance any person would give these out for free. If anybody is planing to buy these to give out I recommend just getting a case of real chocolate bars, you'll be the hit of the season.

Double Crisp Witch

Review:  With a name like that, what could you possibly expect. It's basically a chocolate witch with rice crisps in it. Much like the other Palmer Chocolates it looked great, unfortunately the chocolate is fairly cheap and not that tasty. It's not bad but it's nothing special.

What are the chances you'll get one:  Being an inexpensive candy to buy, you will probably get one of these. It would make a great trading item if you get more than one, but it will take a few to get something like a name brand chocolate bar.

Mini Crispy Crunch

Review:  Yummy Cadbury chocolate with a crunch peanut brittle type innards. We can say “innards” only because it's kinda scary and reminds you of Halloween. Crispy crunch is the best chocolate bar of this kind and if you get a few you'll enjoy them.

What are the chances you'll get one:  Getting anything by Cadbury is a treat, so if your lucky enough to get one of these gems, eat it up before someone bigger than you takes it away.

Horror Eyes

Review:  If you had to give out the award for most average gum ball, you might just have a winner. The flavor is a mystery fruit flavor, and the look is great, how can you not have fun eating an eyeball. The flavor doesn't last to long but I really didn't expect it to.

Chew time 7:26

What are the chances you'll get one:  Bet you bottom dollar that you will get one of these, or something similar, in your treat bag this year. Maybe with enough you might get some good chew time on them, so don't be too peeved if your bag is full of candies that look back at you.

Mini Fusion

Review:  The Cadbury Fusion did something that no other Halloween name brand chocolate bar has done so far. It taste better, well different, than the full size version of itself. The small size really creates a nice mix of crisps peanut butter and chocolate. The caramel is nice too.

What are the chances you'll get one:  First rule of candy, chances are you will not get a real chocolate bar at your average house. So statistically you probably won't get one of these. The second rule, the house with the best candy will always remember you if you come back for seconds. (UPDATE!  The Cadbury Fusion bar no longer exists, if you happen to get one, throw it away, it's very old)


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