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Old Candy Critic Articles - Trick or Treats Part 3

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  Over the next 3 weeks I'm posting an articles listing some of the many treats you might get this year on Halloween.

It's that time of year again, no not the time to dress up and walk around the neighborhood wearing ghoulish costumes, it's the time of year that candy is available at every store in major bulk. Isle upon isle of candy at every store, and come November 1st half off. If your a kid (or at least can still pass off as one) it's time to head out to the streets and experience all that is Halloween.

Before everybody gets out in their costumed getup and parents buy bags and bags of treats, here are some reviews of some Halloween treats. Kids this will help you decide which house should get multiple visits, and parents, this will help you decide which treats you should avoid giving out (either to avoid a good egging or to enjoy yourself). So as the selfless hero I am I will sample as many Halloween treats as I can, so you know how to trick or treat.

Slime Balls

Review:  Of all the gum that I have tried for this article, this one had to have the weirdest texture on the outside. It was really crunchy and bumpy, and it didn't taste to bad either. It was fruit flavoured, but as I have said before, I'm not really sure what kind of fruit it's supposed to be. Not too bad at all.

Chew time 13:25

What are the chances you'll get one:  It's small and cheap, so you probably will get one of these is your sac. Some people may even give you a couple, you'll need as many as you can get if you want to keep the flavor going.

Mini Hershey Bar

Review:  Simple and good, that is the best way to describe the Hershey bar. In this particular size it gives you just enough taste without over doing it. Hershey's chocolate is great quality chocolate without all of that waxy texture that many cheaper bars have.

What are the chances you'll get one:  Of all of the real bars on this list, this one is one of the rarest. In all of the candy I bought, particularly the real bars, this bar came fewest in my packages. This might just be a fluke or it might be a numbers thing, something to think about.

Mini Oh Henry

Review:  Oh Henry is one of those classic bars that mixes chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and a log of some sort of nougat caramel flavor. I'm not really sure what that stuff in the middle is supposed to be, but man is it good.

What are the chances you'll get one:  "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby." This is very true with this bar, and if your lucky enough to find a house giving out these gems your in luck. There a little more expensive than other Halloween treats, but for you folks giving out candy, it will insure no dirty looks from trick or treaters.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cup

Review:  Much like other peanut butter cups, the Pumpkin Cup is a great snack, but this one has a fun little face on the bottom. I did find it a little odd that the face was on the bottom, but I guess it has to do with how it was molded. The peanut butter was a little different tasting than the Reese cups, but good none the less, the chocolate was great as well.

What are the chances you'll get one:  I think that there is a great chance you would get these on Halloween. With a little extra Halloween spirit, and also a little cheaper than other brands of cups, it's appealing to those who have to buy a lot of treats to give out. Get 'em, eat 'em, worth cutting holes in a sheet.

Pumpkin Seedlings

Review:  When I bit into this treat I was expecting an average orange or regular flavor gum ball with not to much to talk about. I was wrong, simple it is not, when I bit into this treat my mouth was filled with little seedy things that were fun to eat. The only prediction I got right was that it was orange flavored. A great little surprise.

Chew Time: 5:46

What are the chances you'll get one:  Yes, you may get some of these, but don't be fooled, not all gums that look like pumpkins have that great center, so if you bite in and get the real thing, consider yourself lucky.

Pumpkin Pops

Review:  What says Halloween more than a lollipop shaped like a pumpkin, nothing I tell you! When I first tried it I was expecting a different flavor, maybe pumpkin, but I guess that would be kind of gross. The other cool thing was the shape, it's nice to have a fun shape instead of the standard lollipop shape. Yummy and fun, now that's Halloween in a nutshell.

Lick time : 20:23

What are the chances you'll get one:  Getting a lollipop on Halloween is pretty common, getting one of these may be a little less. I've noticed often when lollipops are attached together people won't buy them for Halloween, I guess it's too much work to cut them all apart.

Peanut Butter Cup

Review:  One of my favorite bars, the Reese cup blends chocolate and peanut butter perfectly. Recently I've noticed a lot of smaller candy makers imitating them as well, and as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Peanut butter cups are not unique to Reese, but great none the less.

What are the chances you'll get one:  The good folks tend to give these out because they aren't cheap. Name brands aren't rare but are a pleasant surprise. If you get one of these ask the nice people if they would like you to soap someone's windows for them.

Mini Reese Sticks

Review:  Those people at Reese sure know there peanut butter and chocolate. This was a great little snack with their classic combination, the nice part being the originality. I just hope these things stay on the market because they taste great.

What are the chances you'll get one:  One of the biggest problems with name brand treats tends to be either the adults munch on them all night and give out the crap candy, or if they have kids, they munch on them leaving only crap, so getting these is a nice treat.

Mini Wunderbar

Review:  Often when you eat a smaller version of a chocolate bar you find the experience is very similar, with the Wunderbar I found a small difference. I noticed that unlike the large bar, the smaller amount of peanut butter and caramel gives it a different and pleasant sensation. I don't think it's any better, it's just different.

What are the chances you'll get one:  Real bar + Cheap candy givers = No chance


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