Thursday, November 01, 2012

Baking Today - Banana Bread Mysteries

I have two questions about banana bread.  My first question is how does a very disgusting looking mush, like the one pictured above, turn into such a fine looking baked good?
It's not appetizing at all, in fact I can tell you that banana bread is the grossest batter there is.
My second question is why do they call it banana "bread"?  It doesn't have the same texture as bread, when you bake it you use a batter and not a dough, and it's really sweet.  It's really a banana cake and not a bread.  If we continue to do this, then I'm going to start calling chocolate cake, chocolate bread.  That way if people complain that I eat too much junk food, I'll tell them that I'll skip dessert and just have a slice of bread.


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