Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Baking Today - Out of Eggs, Chocolate Chip Cookies

In my continuing effort to not buy any more baked goods, and only eat baked treats I've made myself, a craving for chocolate chip cookies took me over the edge this week.  I was ready to go, I even had a special bag of Canadian chocolate chips set aside for just this kind of occasion.  With my tong salivating at the idea of these cookies I hit a stumbling block... no eggs.  Now sure I could have gone out and bought a carton of eggs for just these cookies, but that would be silly, and require me to actually leave the house.
Instead I looked to the internet for help, and help I found.  I discovered many recipes for egg-less chocolate chips cookies, and I manged to alter my recipe just right.  Then I wondered, why would anybody want egg-less chocolate chip cookies?  I guess there are a few people out there that are allergic too eggs, but I found hundreds of sites offering recipes, too many for the few people that might be allergic.  Then I thought that maybe egg-less cookies were vegan, but then I realized that there was butter involved.  My only conclusion is, other than the few people allergic too eggs, maybe there are a lot of people in this world too lazy to go out and buy eggs, but really in the mood for fresh homemade cookies.

I think my next baking experience is going to be more candy like, I'm thinking spoon sweets with oranges.  Stay tuned.


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