Friday, November 30, 2012

Desserted - Chocolate Malted Turtle From TGI Friday's Greece

Restaurant's Description - Three layers of moist chocolate fudge cake with a creamy chocolate malt icing, topped with vanilla ice cream, rich caramel sauce and toasted almonds.
What I Thought - This dessert worked pretty well for me.  I got the ice cream, I got the cake, and there where lots of other cool sauces and nuts to make me happy.  The best way to describe this treat was to say that it's a combination of a trifle, chocolate cake, and a sundae.  So by that respect I was pretty happy.  The problem with the dessert is the expectation you might get because of the name "Chocolate Malted Turtle".  "Chocolate" I could buy, although I would have bought it more if there was more chocolate sauce.  "Malted" was a big problem, mostly because in this entire treat I received two malt balls, and that's it.  You would think there would be something more malty about this treat, but then you would be wrong.  "Turtles" is another problem, I would have expect lots more caramel and chocolate to be a turtle, and don't traditional turtle chocolates have pecans and not almonds in them?  So this dessert was fine, but it's not what you would expect from the name.


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