Monday, November 26, 2012

This Week In Candy

First of all I want to mention that we're giving away a really great prize, a Chanukah House Kit.  The cool thing about this prize is you can visit Manishchewitz's (the company that makes these cool candy houses) Facebook page, enter your Chanukah house, and you could walk away with 500 bucks cash.  Even if you don't win the contest, you still get to eat your Chanukah house.

We're also starting a new segment on Candy Critic called Desserted.  The segment is going to be a quick review on desserts from restaurants that I visit.  At first I think I'll just post these articles as I sample the desserts, but maybe in the future it'll turn into a regular feature.

I'm also gearing up for a big adventure, but I'll have more about that later.


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