Friday, December 14, 2012

Old Candy Critic Articles - The 12 Candies of Christmas Part 2

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  This article I've decided to re-post a little differently.  Since it's a special post for Christmas, the 12 days of Christmas in particular, I've decided to split it up into 12 parts and count down the days till the fat guy's going to bring me some sweet gifts.

'Tis the season to eat candy fa la la la la la la laaaaaa. As we all know Santa's Sack includes candy, and you know it's always what I want for Christmas. The question, with all of the Christmas candy out on the market, is which candy really says Christmas. Well in classic Candy Critic style we're going to tell you, and you better believe we're going to make it as cheesy as possible. Sooooooo.....

On the second day of Christmas (whenever that is) my true love gave to me......

A Chocolate Advent Calendar

Every day is like Christmas, at least the 24 days leading up to Christmas, with a cool treat like this. As far as fun Christmas candy goes, these advent calendars are great. Young or old alike love to pick up these things, and munch away till the holiday season. The only problem I really have with these has to be the quality of the chocolate. For some reason it's really hard to find a calendar with high quality treats inside. I might also be interested to have different types of chocolate for each day instead of just plain milk chocolate.

Well, no matter what the treat inside, when it comes to holiday excitement nothing gets you pumped-up like a chocolate advent calendar.


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