Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old Candy Critic Articles - Beware of What Grandma Might Have in Her Candy Bowl

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  This week is an article is all about some of the "treasures" and some of the terrors you might find in Grandma's candy bowl.

It's every child’s greatest dream and worst nightmare all wrapped into one. You're enjoying Christmas at Grandmas, with all the gifts, and cool stuff associated with Christmas, suddenly fear grips over you. Grandma is approaching, only this time she's not looking for a hug, she's not even looking for her dentures, she's got a bowl of candy and for the love of god who knows what she's got in it.

Well if you're faced with this dilemma, we've got your back. After much searching (following old people to candy stores) we've found some of the treats you might find in Grandma's candy bowl this year. We'll tell you what's worth a taste and what might make you cry in Christmas agony.

Reindeer Feed

The person that came up with these is either a candy genius or an idiot. Tell me that they're not just candy corn re-coloured for Christmas, tell me, I dare you. They taste like them, and they're basically the same shape. I can't really figure out why they're called “Reindeer Feed” because that's not a really that clever.

I don't mind candy corn on Halloween, but many people don't, so you might want to be weary if Grandmas got some of these.


I can never figure out how to eat these, heck I can't even figure out how to take them out of a bowl. Do you bite it, take a whole length of it, break a piece off? For this experiment I'll just break a piece off.

First of all I have to say of all the Christmas treats this one looks the coolest. It doesn't really taste like much, in fact I'd be happy with just a little bit of flavour. It's also not very easy to eat, I broke off a wave and it's not cooperating with my mouth at all. I could sit here and suck it till it disappears but I think crunching it is more appropriate.

If grandma hands you a length of this break a piece off and smile. It may not taste like much but at least it's not disgusting.

Silk Mix

Since there are so many flavours in this mix I'll just try a few and describe what's going on in my mouth.

Black with Stripes - I think it's some kind of berry flavour, it's the best looking of all of them so at least I know I look cool.

Turquoise with white stripes - Danger, it's liquorice, yuck!

Yellow with white stripes - It might be lemon, but  it taste more like dish cleaning soap.

Green with waffle like markings - Mint, not too bad, although it has a bit of a soapy/apple flavour. Not that great.

Well I could write a whole article about the variety flavours found in Silk Mix, maybe next year, so I'll stop here and just warn you that it's really a gamble when to take one of these. Make sure you “know when to fold'em”.

Assorted something or other...

I have to admit I've never actually had the situation come up where Grandma was handing me a bowl of these, but they look like something she might give out in the future, so they're worth mentioning.

They basically taste like big candy corns (or in the case of this article “Reindeer Feed”). They don't really have a flavour, just kind of sweet. Since they're so big, I might taste a hint of vanilla or something, but I'm not sure.

Not bad for me, but some might not like them, be sure that if Grandma hands some to you, take only a few, they're super sweet and too many might make you sick.


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