Friday, December 07, 2012

The Chanukah House That Couldn't

We didn't just give away a Chanukah House last week, we also got one in the mail to try ourselves.  Since I'm neither Jewish, nor patient with these kinds of projects, I decided to send this to my Jewish relatives in the US.  As you can see there are a bunch of great decorations in the kit...
However all was not well with the Chanukah house.  As you can see many of the cookie pieces were broken.
I'm not sure if we should blame the folks at Manischewitz or the US Postal Service for this problem.
I can assure you that a valiant attempt was made to erect the perfect dwelling for a cookie Jewish family.
But in the end the house fell apart and it turned into a big... yummy looking... mess of cookies and icing.  I think the problem might have been in the packaging and the fact that the cookies don't really have much from keeping them apart   Cookies colliding in the mail can lead to broken cookies.  Maybe if you bought your Chanukah house at a store, it might fair better, assuming that the people putting them on the shelf don't drop them.  If you've had better results with your Chanukah house, let us know.


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