Friday, January 25, 2013

Candy News

The economy is getting so bad that even some candy companies are feeling the pinch, this is rare because often in bad economic times candy companies thrive.

The folks at Ring Pops want you to decide on their new flavour of Ring Pop.  Personally I think I'd want to try the cookies and cream.

My friend Peter (@ponate), gives us his reasons why cotton candy is the best theater food ever.  He does however neglect to mention the sticky fingers problem.

If you want to plan a vacation this February, might I suggest Hershey Pennsylvania?

Learning something new, and chocolate, put them together and you have a very fun afternoon.

You may want to argue that Missouri is not the chocolate capital of the USA, but they have a pretty good argument.

Can chocolate be fine art, a gallery in New York would like to say that it can.

I think science is using M&M's for evil experiments, like finding out if we eat more candy/junk food because we're stressed.

How many letters do you mail in a month?  Would that number increase if the envelope tasted awesome?

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