Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tim Tam Appreciation Week Part 4 - The Best Drinks To Dip Your Tim Tam

As we learned yesterday, with the Tim Tam Slam, Tim Tams are a cookie greatly suited for dunking, or even sucking.  My first experience with Tim Tams and dunking was with hot tea, and it really changed the way I thought about these cookies.  If hot tea could improve these cookies so much, I wonder how the Tim Tam would pair with other drinks.  So I've decided to sample my last few Tim Tams with a nice variety of drinks, let's see which drink works, and which don't.  I should note that each drink receives one dip, there is no double dipping going on for this experiment.
Tea - As I've mentioned before, tea seems like the perfect drink for your Tim Tams. The heat from the tea melts the cookies just perfectly and turns them into a perfect gooey mess.  The drink itself also works really well with Tim Tams because it's not too rich.  The chocolate and cream from the Tim Tams, and the clear clean tea flavour is the perfect pair.

Hot Chocolate - As with the tea you do get that wonderful melting mess of a Tim Tam, however unlike the tea, hot chocolate doesn't provide as nice a contrast in flavour.  It's as if you're being overpowered with chocolate when you bring these two treats together.

Milk - I'm sure this is going to be a continuous problem with cold drinks, the chocolate outer shell doesn't melt, and so you basically get a slightly wet cookie with a hint of milk flavour.  I let it sit for a while, and the milk never penetrated the chocolate exterior.  The milk also doesn't seem to have taken on any of the chocolate, this might have been tasty, but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Coffee - For the sake of the experiment I've used instant coffee, mostly because I don't really know how to make regular coffee.  With that information you should guess that I don't really like the taste of coffee either.  It is slightly improved with the cookie, but not enough to make me love it... or even like it.  If you're a coffee fan you'll probably love this as much, or more, than I enjoyed this cookie with tea.

Juice - This was supposed to be one of those ideas that would come off as silly, but strangely it's not that bad.  The juice suffers the same problem as the milk, in that it doesn't melt the chocolate and therefore doesn't penetrate the cookie goodness.  However the fruity flavour of the juice coating the cookie is actually pretty good with the chocolate.

Cola - Like the juice, this was to be a silly idea, and it was.  The cola really doesn't add anything to the chocolate cookie.  In fact After the first half second I couldn't taste the cola at all.  When the flavours mixed in my mouth it was just strange, not really tasty, not really gross, just strange.
Bonus Chocolate Pudding - I know that this isn't really a drink, but  I had some chocolate pudding left over and a Tim Tam that needed to be dunked in something.  It's actually not a bad combination, although the cookie doesn't melt at all, and that's the best part about dunking Tim Tams.  The chocolate was a little overpowering, but maybe this would work better with a different flavour of pudding.


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