Thursday, February 07, 2013

Candy and Snack Related Super Bowl Commercials

For today's look at Superbowl commercials, I've decided to lump the Doritos commercials together.  Why would I do that?  Well because in premise, they're pretty much the same idea.  Start off with an innocent idea, watch it get strange, but plausibly strange, then because of the Doritos (or lack of) the commercial gets really stupid.

Of the two advertisements  I like the "Goat 4 Sale" commercial the most, it would even be excellent if they didn't make the goat scream and destroy the guys stuff at the end.  I think this advertisement needed stronger writing to make the premise work, why not invite Stephen King to write this same commercial.  With a proper scary writer doing this premise it would have been much funnier, and from what I understand the budget on these commercials is very high so they could probably afford him.  The good thing about both of these commercials is with the incessant crunching and constant shots of Doritos, I was actually craving them throughout the entire commercial, so in that way it's a success.

As a bonus I thought I'd include this Taco Bell commercial, since it appears they're eating the special edition Doritos Tacos at the end.  Might I say the end is the only time you're reminded that it's a commercial for anything.  Also, most disturbing in this commercial is imagining the digestive track of these old folks after eating Taco Bell.


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