Friday, February 15, 2013

Candy News

In the Democratic Republic of Congo there are some new ideas to help the chocolate industry, and more importantly help the people working in the chocolate industry.

There are legal troubles between Haribo and Lindt, and it's all over the idea of a "Golden Bear".

Pepsi is offering a new drink called Kickstart, apparently it looks and tastes like Mountain Dew, but it's designed as a morning pick-me-up.

Which one of these items is not actually available dipped in chocolate: Onions, pickles, carrots, Slim Jims, squid, or peppers.  If you answered this question then you answered incorrectly.

How do you feel about pairing red wine and chocolate, some love it, this person thinks you're crazy.

A judge White Plains New York has approved some sort of legal technicalities, these technicalities are the first step towards Americans getting the Twinkie back.

When you eat chocolate bark, is there ever too much stuff in it?  Is there ever anything too strange, or salty?

I wrote a few weeks back about a company that was producing chocolate flavoured envelopes, well now Belgium is producing the stamps to go with it.

Not chocolate cheesecake, but just chocolate cheese, yup it exists.

Did you get a box of chocolates for Valentines Day this year, who's name was on it and why?

Food themed tourist attractions are really taking off and, Nestle has just announced its newest attraction on the original site where they were founded in Switzerland.

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