Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shooting Donuts

I'm doing a series of photographs for an art show in Athens opening April 13th at the Finnish Institute at Athens.  It's a group show featuring several artists living in Greece temporarily.  The show's theme is all about taking photographs of things in Greece that remind you of your home country.  I couldn't possibly imagine not mentioning something sweet related for this exhibition, but it took a bit of thinking to come up with the perfect sweet treat that reminded me of home.  After a great deal of thought, it came down to donuts.
Whenever you move away from home you'll always crave certain foods.  Sometimes you just can't find these foods in the place where you live, and you have to rely on friends and family to deliver them once in a while.  Maple syrup was a big craving I had that I couldn't buy here, as was Shreddies cereal.  Sometimes you come across foods in another country that remind you of home.  Donuts in Greece was, and still is, a great reminder of home for me.  While the donuts here are very different in texture and flavour than the ones I get in Canada, they still make me feel the same way, like I'm home.

It's not even fancy donuts that I crave in Greece, most often it's donuts from a grocery store, or a cheap donut shop that fit the bill for me.  When I'm feeling home sick, a Greek donut reminds me of Canada just a little bit.  Now I have to figure out how to photograph these cheap donuts so people understand what they mean to me.  How do you make a little bit of Canada come across in a pile of cheap Greek donuts?


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