Monday, February 04, 2013

This Week In Candy

All this week I'll be looking at the advertisements from the Superbowl, in particular the snack/candy advertisements   I'll post a new commercial (or in some cases a few) every day, and let you know what I think of it.  I'll also look at whether or not this commercial seems to actually sell the product at all.  I've noticed that as a trend with Superbowl commercials over the last few years, while many are entertaining, few seem to actually sell the products.  In the case of candy and snack commercials, I expect them to give me a craving for whatever they're selling, and maybe even make me a little hungry.

This week I hope to also do a little baking to help teach me a little bit about chocolate cake. I'm looking to understand a little more about baking chocolate cakes by answering a few questions I've thought up over the years.  Problems like, how small can one bake a cake, and still keep it cake like, and what's the difference between a pancake and a regular cake.  I'll probably post the final article next week so I have lots of time for experimentation, but I'll post a few photos of my progress on Twitter and Facebook while I'm at it.

Finally, I'll be posting episode 3 of Junk Fud, the podcast all about junk food, on Tuesday.  This latest episode I talk to Kristen, and Australian friend and junk food fanatic, all about the treats from her homeland.


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