Friday, March 22, 2013

Candy News

Here's a quick list of DIY Easter treats, with an added bonus of a Pop-Rocks recipe.

A look at some classic Easter treats, and why they've managed to hang on over the years.

You don't want to miss the Oreo crossbow, you could shoot cookies in your mouth from a great distance.

The Huffinton Post has a great list of "Canadian Food", strangely several of these foods I've never tried before in my life.

A while back Mike and Ike broke up, but don't you worry, they're back together now.

Red Bean pies at McDonald's, you'd think I would hate it, but really I want to try it.

Did you know that some people can taste colours, Skittles should really have a handle on these people.

Do you know how to describe texture?  The basics are simple, but in detail it can be kind of complicated, unless you have a texture dictionary.

Have you ever thought of eating candied cherry tomatoes?  Well someone has, and it actually sounds kind of tasty.

An Ex-Kraft executive is claiming that junk food companies should take more responsibility for what they're selling to people.  Do you agree?

Speaking of misinformation, here's a few myths about soda pop that you may not have known.

Can't find cream eggs in your neck of the woods for Easter, here's a recipe that's said to be better than Cadbury's.

The cocoa nib is said to be more flavourful if you can roast it on its own, thank you very much science and innovation.

Are your homemade cookies not fancy enough, why not customize them with your own cookie stamper.

My favorite flavour of chips is salt and vinegar, but which brand makes the best?

An indoor marshmallow roaster is a great idea for those of us living in the city without a fire place, but 70 bucks seems little steep.

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