Friday, March 29, 2013

Candy News

Here's a few Easter links to get you in the holiday mood:

You're a winner if you come in first place in the official Peeps diorama contest, you get a double win if you incorporate space and science into your diorama.

Just Born releases silliest poll results in the history of candy polls.

The Huffington Post has a great photo collections of desserts featuring the Easter Bunny. They also posted a great collection of nest themed treats as well.

Working at a candy factory looks like a lot of fun, but I imagine around Easter time it's also really busy.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Cadbury Cream Eggs, if you're not, here's something that will bring you up to speed.

Ancient Cadbury Cream Egg uncovered... I'd still eat it.

I present to you, the Cadbury Cream Scotch Egg, it's a wondrous way to use up your leftover Cream Eggs. And just in case this isn't enough for you, here's 8 other ways you can enjoy your Cream Eggs.

And here's our regular links of the week:

I have a new fascination with "candy brands" lately, here's a study about which are the most popular.

British schools are worried that kids will put out an eye out with their lunch time desserts.

How would you like to eat a Macaron, that looks like a miniature Big Mac?

Archaeologists are always finding cool things, some have even found ancient chocolate.

Would you ever eat a Mountain Dew/Dorito cupcake, I couldn't, I'd have to eat a dozen of them.

Is candy such a big part of our diet that it's the only reason we gain weight?  According to these statistics, probably not.

The US has some great treats, only available in certain states, counties, or even cities.

Giving blood?  Why not chow down on some dark chocolate, doctors say it helps.

Did you know that in the US Senate, there's a secret candy drawer full of free candy?

Austerity in the UK is becoming very difficult to deal with, but I'm not sure buying American is the best solution.

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