Monday, March 11, 2013

This Week In Candy

All this week we're featuring retro candy commercials from places other than North America.  We have a commercial from Australia, India, Greece, Japan, and Finland on deck.  I'm not sure if these commercials are classics in their country of origin, but I liked them.  If you have a particular commercial you remember, let me know about it, even if you're from North America.

This week I'm hoping to bake a batch of cookies.  My goal is to bake the best smelling cookies, because I'm having some people over and I want my apartment to smell nice when they come in.  The thing is, I often notice that the best smelling cookies aren't always the best tasting cookies.  What I want to know is can you get the best of both worlds, can you have a cookie that smells fantastic when baking, and tastes fantastic when you eat it?

I'm still working on a few articles for later publication on topics such as popcorn, chocolate making, and gum flavours.  If you have any insight into these topics let me know.


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