Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Old Candy Critic Articles - Frosty and Busted

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  This week we look at an article I wrote about adding M&M's to a Wendy's Frosty (as an added bonus you get to see me with horrible hair).
Could I look more disheveled?
Man I love desert, it has got to be the best time of the day. I love desert so much I sometimes have desert with every meal, not just dinner. I mean lunch is a given, but sometimes I have desert with breakfast as well. Nothing is more satisfying than starting off your day with a bowl of cereal, followed by a bowl of ice cream. Today was a fun day for me, I decided to head out for a nice meal at my local Wendy's. I have a problem when it comes to the Bacon Mushroom melt; the problem is I just can't eat enough of them. On this particular day I decided that I could go for a cold frosty treat for dessert, so I got myself a Wendy’s Frosty.

When I was a kid we could only get the regular Frosty. When we craved something cold and we where at Wendy's we could only get that chocolate ice cream like stuff in a cup. The kids today? No! They need all the frills and excitement they can get, stupid internet generation. When they get a frosty they can choose from a whole mess of great ingredients to sprinkle on their cool treats. Man kids today get all the breaks; all we had was TV and plain deserts, lucky punks.

Back to the point... Well I decided today I was going to get myself a cold treat, and after thinking about it I still couldn't decide what I wanted to sprinkle on my Frosty. I eventually made a quick decision (only because we had to leave) and I got M&Ms. The shocking thing about my treat is that the M&Ms didn't come already mixed into my Frosty. What I got was a regular frosty like I remembered it, and a bag of stuff to put on myself.
Seriously, look at my hair.
First of all I have to say, good job Wendy's! You see I'm a guy on the go; sometimes I can't eat my desert in the restaurant. I'm also a picky eater, but I'm sure if you've been reading this web page long enough to know that. I like the system they have with this Frosty because it gives the consumer control.  By putting on the candy bits yourself you can save some, and put them on halfway down the cup later on. That way you don't get a mouthful of candy on the first bite, and nothing on the bottom. This was the first time I've enjoyed one of these new Frosty hybrids but I assure you it won't be my last.
The strange thing about this Frosty was the M&Ms I received in the little bag. Now the menu said I'd be getting M&M bits, and that's what I got. I didn’t get a bag of regular M&M’s, but instead I received a bag of pre-broken M&Ms. What I want to know is, don't you find it odd that Mars is packaging broken M&Ms? It just seemed strange to open a pack of M&Ms and everything inside is smashed on purpose. Remember this is the candy that's supposed to be strong enough not to melt in your hands. It was just a little weird, that Mars made a batch of M&M’s, only to smash them up for people to sprinkle on they’re Wendy’s Frosty.


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