Monday, May 27, 2013

This Week In Candy

What a week we've had here at Candy Critic.  Our jaws are recovering from a week of eating all kinds of gummy treats in our Gummy review-a-thon.  Our friends at sent us an awesome selection of gummy treats that tested our palettes with all kinds of strange and wonderful flavours.  Some we loved, others we didn't really care for, but the adventure was always a lot of fun.

Last week we also received many packages in the mail from candy makers and candy stores.  This means that our candy stash is full of sweet treats that need to be reviewed... and quick.  Our friends at Mike and Ike sent us a huge selection of different varieties of Mike and Ikes. They also sent us a package of their original flavour and I'm glad, I felt it was sorely missing from our review collection until now.  We also got a package from the fine folks at full of cool Japanese snacks that we'd never tried before.  Best of all, if you guys want to get some Japanese treats yourself, visit and put in the code "candy critic" for 15% off your order.  Finally Vanessa from A Secret Forest Patisserie ( sent me what I can only describe as some of the most beautiful lollipops I've ever seen in my entire life.  These treats will not last long around here, I can tell you that.

Beyond listening to us stuffing our faces with all kinds of candy, this week you can see some more pictures from our latest adventures.  This week we're posting a few treats that we came across in Crete.  This place is really a great place to eat, and the desserts and sweet treats are no exception.


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