Friday, June 21, 2013

Candy News

Here are a few treats that you can only get in the USA, because some of the ingredients are banned in other places.  But don't worry, chances are you can get Kinder Eggs where you are.

Did you ever imagine that there would be a recipe that would call for a quarter of a cup of Pop Rocks?

The debate continues, is high-fructose corn syrup that much worse for you than regular sugar?

I keep hearing news of chocolate companies developing better non-melting chocolate, do people really want this?  Isn't the fact that chocolate melts one of its benefits?

Are there really people out there that believe that sugar free gum is "good" for you?

See's Candy has recalled it's chocolate covered raisins. Why?  Well they may contain nuts or eggs. So I guess if you're OK eating nuts or eggs you can pretty much ignore this.

Here's a sugar substitute that I can get behind, dried fruit powder.

Mars launches egg-less Snickers bars in India... Wait a minute, Snickers bars have egg in them?

Is "birthday cake" a flavour?  What flavour is it?  I'm thinking vanilla cake with a little extra happiness.

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