Monday, June 17, 2013

This Week In Candy

This week we're starting a new feature on the blog.  Every Wednesday we'll be reviewing a new Asian treat graciously donated to us from our friends at  Some might say that our goal is to make sure we have the widest variety of treats reviewed on the site, but I'm pretty sure that the goal is to make sure I eat something really strange on a regular basis.  No matter what the reasons, not only will we have a new Asian review every week, but you (our loyal readers) are entitled to a discount from and all you have to do is enter "candy critic" in the discount section of their online form.

Last week we also received a whole bunch of South African treats from our friend CJ, and we're going through it and setting up some awesome reviews.  I'm thinking a South African review-a-thon might be in our near future.

Finally, I've been thinking about classic treats that I have not yet reviewed.  I realized recently that I never reviewed original Mike and Ikes (as you can see from this weeks review that has changed), but if you see a classic treat that I've missed, make sure to let me know about it.


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