Friday, July 26, 2013

Candy News

How do you feel when you eat a Kit Kat bar?  Maybe the best way to find out is to scan your brain.

Who knew that the Disney theme parks had so many choices when it came to popcorn?

Do you smell chocolate?  Do you have an urge to spend money?  According to science there's a link.

Apparently those gummy vitamins you see at the drug store, may not really be that great for you.

Here's a great explanation into the differences between ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and many other cool treats.

If chocolate really works that well as a medicine, I may find myself getting sicker more often.

I'm a huge fan of TCHO, and in particular I love the way that they do business.

Dear people at Hostess, please tell me that this article is completely untrue and that the new Twinkies are exactly the same, or maybe even better.

Is the chocolate/bacon/taco really a good idea?  You bet it is.

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