Monday, July 15, 2013

This Week In Candy

Well I'm back from what I can only describe as an exhausting vacation.  While the trip did not focus on any candy adventures, being the Candy Critic I couldn't avoid sampling a few great sweets.  Most notably I learned a little more about a treat I had merely sampled in the past called Farsala Halvas.  Seeing as one of my stops on this trip was to Farsala, the place that this treat originated, I couldn't help but learn a little something about it, and I couldn't help but sample some of the best.  While I've talked a little on this blog about Halvas, later this week I'm going to break down the differences between the many varieties, and let you know why you should be sampling them.

Also on this vacation, I was inspired to start up a few new ideas on this blog.  To start it off, I'm going to start taking a look at awesome candy merchandise, in a section I'll call "Awesome Candy Merchandise".  I think that candy is much more than the sweet treats we eat, I think it's part of our culture, and some of things you can buy with a candy theme are pretty awesome.

Finally, I'm still working out my details for a future trip I have planned to Scotland and Northern England.  If you have any suggestions for must see, and must eat stops, let me know.


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