Monday, July 29, 2013

This Week In Candy

This week we're celebrating the many varieties of Mike and Ikes with a Mike and Ikes review-a-thon.  When I was a kid I think we really only had one variety of Mike and Ike, although I'm pretty sure that Hot Tamales are distant cousin and we had them too.  Today there are so many different flavours, and flavour combinations of Mike and Ikes, that there's bound to be one for everybody.

I'm working on a new art piece for my walls.  The plan is to make a collage of all of the candy wrappers from treats I'm eating.  Right now I've started saving a few candy wrappers, hopefully in a year or so I'll have enough wrappers to cover a huge canvas.  When I get started with actually making this mammoth collage I'll post it's work in progress.

Also this week I think I'm going to try and make some candied figs.  I'm not really sure how and when I'm going to do this, but I bought the figs, so I guess I'm committed.

I think it's about time I made myself a cola flavoured slushy, it's getting too hot and I can't think straight.



Stephanie Stuart said...

Hi! I do the same thing with retro candy wrappers in my kitchen! It's really festive. As for the candied figs check out some old time recipes for sugared plums for christmas time. I made some wonderful candied fruits like that for gifts last year. Figs are quite easy to do that with. I found several recipes just now with a quick google search for "candied figs" Good luck!

Chris Stewart said...

How do you make the collage, what do you use to stick them up?