Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Japanese Candy Review!

Every single culture in the world has some kind of sweet treat.  I have traveled all over the place, and I always find something local, sweet, and something kids go nuts for.  This is what makes candy great.  Even better is that each culture takes their sweet treats and presents them in a way that reflects the culture.  Some cultures are rustic, others are very organized, and some are bright and flashy.  No matter where you go, you'll see a little of every culture in their candy.

This week's Japanese candy review is a little different than most Japanese treats.  Most of the time Japanese sweets are not only tasty, but works of art for the eyes.  This week is the exception, and a rare one at that.

As always we want to thank the folks at for providing us with our Wednesday Japanese Candy Review treat.  Make sure to visit their site and enter the word "candycritic" to get yourself a discount.


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