Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Japanese Candy Review!

This week's Japanese review was filled with hits and filled with misses.  Sadly the biggest hit of this whole treat had nothing to do with the candy.  I loved the cheesy little plastic monster man I got with this box of grape whistle candies.  It will sit on my shelf until I'm old enough to forget about where I got it and I end up selling it at a garage sale, only to regret selling it because it's just that awesome.  I think I have an attachment to cheesy little monster action figures since I lost my very large collection of Muscled Things (a toy from the 1980's).  So for now I'll keep this little guy, he'll be guarding over my toy empire.

Once again I really want to thank the folks at for providing us with these awesome Japanese treats to review.  Make sure to check out their store, and use the code "candycritic" to get yourself a nice little discount.

Click here to read the latest Japanese review.


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