Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awesome UK Food Finds

Whenever I go on a trip I always come across some amazing food finds.  Some of them have nothing to do with candy, others don't really merit a full blog post, but all of them are worth sharing.  So today I'm posting some of the random highlights (food wise) from my epic UK trip.  
While visiting several war museums in the UK, I came across this same box of chocolates.  Apparently it's been a long tradition in the UK to give soldiers sweet treats to help keep up moral.  They would give them the chocolate in a tin with a picture of the queen on the outside.  This particular exhibit was fascinating because not only did they have an example of the chocolate box, but they also had a couple of bars of  the chocolate as well.
If you love ice cream and Dr Who, this is pretty much the best thing you could possibly imagine.
Almost every time I travel, I develop a taste for a new food that I either haven't tried, or haven't given much thought.  This trips new food is clotted cream with jam on a scone.  I may stop eating butter all together.
I'm not sure what this is, and I don't really care to.
I have a pretty good idea what this is, and I don't really want to eat it.
I came across this candy store in Edinburgh called Honeydukes.  I'm not sure about the history of this shop, but it is important to note that J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book in Edinburgh.
If you're going to eat sticky toffee pudding, it's only right to pour hot sweet custard over the top... right?
If you want to know what keeps the Scottish people ticking, it's pretty obvious.
So many things wrong with Uncle Joe's Mint Balls.
I like old candy machines, I love old candy machines when they actually sell candy, and I'm totally in love with old candy machines that actually sell candy at the original price.
Nothing says tasty meal better than a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with beef and gravy.
Did you know that Scotland has a thing for shortbread.  Walkers short bread is made there, and it's some of the best packaged shortbread in the world.  But all over the place they really love these sticks of buttery goodness.

I hope this post wasn't too random, but I just need to get a few things off my mind.


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